Christian Mythology Series PT 5

Is Yeshua YHVH in the flesh?

OK, Michpacha, this one is going to be packed with a lot of info, but it is a much needed topic of discussion and I pray that Father opens your eyes on this one to truly understand.

Today we are jumping into week 5 of our series of teachings where we’ll explore, in depth, some of the myths, traditions, and beliefs that are long-standing in the Body of Christ and within the Church. Some of these beliefs are Biblically based, although they may be misunderstood, and some of them are not based on the word of YHVH at all. There are a lot of deeply held ideas within the Church community, and we will be uncovering the roots of some of these persistent ideologies as well as debunking some of them.

Before we get started, please understand that this is a pretty big study, and you might have some questions. Please feel free to drop me a line and we can pray it out. I would love to talk with you.

OK! Here goes. Is Yeshua/Jesus YHVH/God?

It is a question that I know a lot of people have an issue with, and the body of Messiah seems to be really divided on it. In reality this is no small question, and to really answer it, we’re going to go through an abbreviated synopsis of the scriptures and see what they tell us. I don’t want to waste any time, so we’re going in head first!

When we look at the first five books of Moses-The Torah-we see a story forming quickly that will begin to outline a people. We have Adam and Eve, the entrance of human sin, the Flood and regeneration of things, and the calling of Abram. YHVH tells Abram that all the nations of the Earth will be blessed through him. This is important. Why? Because it is ALL nations. Forever. This includes you and me. That is why we are called the “Spiritual seed of Abraham”, and it names us as a part of the Commonwealth of Spiritual Israel. Keep this in the front of your minds, it will come up again. After the calling of Abram, he is called a Hebrew. The name “Hebrew” simply means “one that had crossed over” and it actually refers to all of us. We have “crossed over” from death into life and we now live in obedience to the Father. We are all Hebrews in a very real sense of the word.

Now, after his journey and obedience to YHVH, Abram’s name was changed to Abraham, and we see the promise of Issac given. Issac becomes Israel after wrestling with YHVH, grows into the 12 tribes, and begins to multiply greatly. They go through all these different trials, being led by YHVH through all of them. They are held in Egypt as slaves, survive famines, receive the birthright prophesy, and a lot of other things are happening to them during this time. Then we see something very important. Passover and the Exodus. They celebrate this solemn day, run for their lives away from Pharaoh, and come to a place in the wilderness called Mt. Sinai. It is here that YHVH calls Moses up onto the top of the mountain and gives him the Decalogue. Moses goes down the mountain, sees them with the golden calf, breaks the tablets, then goes back up the mountain where the tablets are remade.

When Moses and the Israelites were at the base of the Mountain, they actually heard the voice of YHVH from the top of Sinai, and were afraid that they would die if YHVH continued talking to them, so they begged that Moses be used as YHVH’s mouthpiece instead of YHVH talking directly to them. Now, this is where the story starts to get interesting. There are a couple of neat things going on here. First, when YHVH spoke to Moses and the Israelites, He gave them the Torah. Scripture tells us that there was “a thick cloud” over the top of the mountain. If you have ever been to a Jewish wedding, you know that every new couple stands under a Chuppah to be married. This was the thick cloud over the mountain, It was YHVH’s Chuppah. Also, going back to the Jewish wedding- and this dates back thousands of years- there is a contract called a Ketubah. It’s similar to a prenup here in the US, and it is a legally binding agreement for marriage. In it, there is an outline of the wife’s requirements within the union, and the requirements for the husband, should the wife agree to the terms of the contract. And so we have the Torah. This is YHVH’s ketubah to the Israelites- the marriage contract. When He used Moses to tell all of Israel the statutes and precepts of the Torah and then asked if Israel agreed, the Bible tells us that all of them, “with one voice and of one accord, answered and said, We will do it.” (She said yes!) So we see this beautiful picture of YHVH marrying the Israelites right after the Exodus from Egypt. They are now one flesh, and can never be torn apart. Or can they?

Flash forward to the book of Jeremiah. Remember that the Torah of YHVH is the standing contract or agreement that legally binds the marriage forever between YHVH and His people- including the spiritual seed of Abraham. By the time we get into Jeremiah, we see that the Hebrew Israelites have fallen into a relentless cycle of following YHVH and loving only Him, falling into idolatry- or fornication, which is actually spiritual adultery- being punished for it by YHVH, and then repenting and going back to worship Him alone. They have done this for a very long time and YHVH becomes fed up with it. He calls it what it is. Harlotry. The Israelites cheated on YHVH “under every green tree and up on every high hill”. Scripture tells us what happens. It says that YHVH “gave Israel a certificate of divorce and sent her away”. It tells us that Israel’s treacherous sister Judah saw what she had done and having no shame, Judah committed adultery against YHVH also. However, He did not divorce Judah. He divorced Israel.

There are a couple of things we need to examine here. One is that The House of Judah is now known simply as the Jews. YHVH never divorced them. He blinded them spiritually because of their unbelief in Messiah- but that is for another blog post. What is important is that they are still married spiritually to Him. Israel is not. The other thing to examine is that when we look at the Torah itself we see that there are commands for how to handle things like a divorce. The Torah says that if a man divorces his wife (YHVH and Israel) and she marries another man (Israel was joined to idols) that the first husband can never remarry her because it is an abomination to the Lord. Do you see where this is going? According to His own rules in Torah, there was no way that YHVH could remarry us and reconcile us to Himself. If He did remarry us, then He would’ve broken Torah and He would have sinned, making YHVH unholy. We know that can’t happen, so what DID happen?

In order to allow for a way to reconcile us back to Himself, He had to create a loophole. A way that He could abide by the precepts set forth in His own rule book (Torah) and still achieve His plans. Remember your wedding vows? What words are still used today to finalize this union? We usually say, “Till death do us part.”; the groom kisses the bride and everyone cries. We get this from the Torah. There is something called The Law of Marriage which states that the only way a couple can be released from the bonds of Holy Matrimony is if one of them dies. This is what Paul meant when he told us that it was better to marry than be joined to a harlot. We become one flesh with those we sleep with, creating a bond that cannot be broken. (What YHVH has joined together, let not man put asunder.) It is the reason that when the Pharisees tried to trap Yeshua by asking Him if a man could divorce his wife for any reason, He told them that they didn’t understand the scriptures and that Moses had only allowed for such things because of the hardness of their hearts. But he said that “from the beginning it was not so, for the two shall become one flesh.” and He then told them that the only other way to break the bond of marriage was through infidelity. But remember, He didn’t say that they were BOTH absolved of the marriage law- as the one who had committed the adulterous act was still bound by the law of marriage. Only the marriage partner who was the victim was released and free to remarry.

I know this is a bunch–but stay with me here! This is good stuff.

So YHVH marries Israel. Israel commits adultery with idols, joining herself to other gods. YHVH divorces her. Because she had joined herself (married) other gods, YHVH cannot take her back. The only way this is possible is if someone dies. However, He loves us with an everlasting love, and wants to take us back. But He cannot break the Torah. What does He do?

He becomes Yeshua.

He loved His bride so much that He was willing to empty Himself, become as a man in the flesh, suffer torture and humiliation, die on the cross and break the Law of Marriage found in the Torah so that He could save us from our horrible adulterous indiscretions, make us clean and allow us to be His bride once again. But That’s not all. He allowed for baptism, too. It is a way that we can become clean, created new in Yeshua, which allows for us to “die” spiritually, thus making us BOTH dead according to the spirit of the Law and ensuring that this new union is Holy and pure. That is His love for us. Read this paragraph again. This is the entire reason for the Messiah. It is who He is. It is a physical manifestation of the tremendous love that Adonai has for us. He not only came to protect us from the terrible weight of our own sins, but He literally died so that the requirement of the Law of Marriage was cancelled out, allowing for us to once again be reconciled to Him.

What love is this? You and I could never truly understand it.

Amazingly enough, this shows us a lot of things that really need to be illuminated. First, if Torah had ever been done away with, then the law of marriage found in it would no longer apply and Yeshua would have had no real reason to die- so it shows us that the Torah is still in effect (remember that I told you that if you’re part of the spiritual seed of Abraham that you’re now a part of the Commonwealth of Israel, so this applies to you…).

Second, it shows us what Paul is always talking about whenever he mentions the “Mystery of the Gospel”. This is what he was referring to, and he said that unless we are born of the spirit we would never understand. I side with Paul.

Third, it shows us why when Yeshua took His disciples to Caesarea Philippi and asked them the famous question, “Who do you say that I am?” that our very faith would hinge on the answer. We know that Simon answered correctly when he exclaimed, “You are the Christ, the son of the living God!” to which Yeshua responded, “This was not revealed to you by man, but by the Father in Heaven. Upon this rock, I will build my church.”
What does He mean in saying this? We know that the Hebrew name Simon means “to listen, or to hear” and we also know that the Greek name he was given in response to his ability to listen correctly was Peter, which means “little rock”. While some have held the assumption that Peter was the “rock” that the church was founded on, it isn’t the point of the dialogue between Messiah and His disciple.

So what was?

He was asking His disciples who He was because the answer was scandalous. It still is. It was the reason The Pharisees wanted to murder Him, and it was the reason that Paul was so very passionate about preaching the Gospel. It was because they knew what it meant to answer this question, and like Simon, to answer it CORRECTLY. In fact, as we can see from 1 John 4, to answer INCORRECTLY actually means that you are the spirit of Antichrist, and not of YHVH! This is really important stuff, brothers and sisters because it is the very foundation of our faith. Let’s get this into our hearts.

Finally, it shows us why He told John on Patmos that He was the Alpha and the Omega. When we look at the original Hebrew of these words, something very interesting emerges. Let’s look at Alpha. The Hebrew for this is Aleph. It is the first letter of the aleph-bet and carries a meaning of strength, authority, and power. It is the beginning, chief, number one. In the Ancient script, called paleo-hebrew, it is a depiction of an ox. Remember when Moses was on Sinai? He was gone so long that Aaron and all the people though he had died. Well, they wanted to worship YHVH- who was the beginning, the strength and the authority- but Moses was nowhere to be found. They had no way to worship without him, so they did the only thing that they though was natural. They fashioned the golden calf. An ox. They thought it was an appropriate way of worshiping YHVH sincerely. Turns out that it made YHVH angry because it was done in a way that He didn’t approve of. It was what they had seen the Pagans do, and it is still idolatry. We are never to worship YHVH after the manner of Pagans (think Christmas and Easter. Also see Deuteronomy for an explanation of this).

Now let’s look at the Omega. In Hebrew it is called the Tav. Again, in paleo-hebrew it is depicted as a cross. It means mark, sign, or cross. Perfect, complete or undefiled. It is the culmination of all that is Holy and morally pure. It is the embodiment of the work of redemption that was determined before time. When Yeshua told John this, He was actually making reference to several verses in Isaiah where YHVH says this about Himself. (see Isaiah 41:4, 44:6, and 48:12) There was to be no mistake, Yeshua was calling Himself the Creator and direct agent of the fabric of the Universe. He was plainly stating that He was YHVH. He had already told this to the Pharisees when He spoke the words, “Before Abraham was, I AM!” and they knew exactly what He meant.

We need to wrestle this down in our souls, brothers and sisters. There are many reasons why this is the most important thing you will ever really understand, but the one that is absolutely crucial for your faith is that if Yeshua is NOT YHVH in the flesh then the entirety of the Biblical narrative unravels and means nothing. Why? Remember the Ketubah and the Law of Marriage from way back in the Old Testament? Good. Remember that there was only one reason that YHVH would sanction a divorce- adultery. If YHVH wanted to remarry us, then we had to die and so did we. That was the only thing that would cancel out the Torah’s requirement. If Yeshua is NOT YHVH, yet we are called “The Bride of Christ” then–get this– WE ARE STILL IN SPIRITUAL ADULTERY AGAINST YHVH and both we and Yeshua are condemned. We married YHVH at Sinai. We cannot turn around and then marry Yeshua- if He is not YHVH- and consider ourselves clean because we are still in violation of the Torah. The ONLY way that we can escape the condemnation of the Law of Marriage and be joined back to YHVH forever, is if He and Yeshua are one and the same.

So, Yeshua is YHVH in the flesh. In fact, He makes this claim to many. See Revelation 1:17-18, John 5:18, John 8:58, John 10:30-33, Mark 14:61-65, Matthew 26:34, John 11:43, John 2:18-21, Matthew 28:20, and many many more.

This is why He came for us, folks. It is why He died for us. It is what He meant when He said that He has only come for the lost sheep of the House of Israel. It is why He told John that He was the Aleph and the Tav, and it is why we are all asked the question, right alongside the other disciples at Caesarea Philippi, “Who do you say that I am?”

He is Emmanuel. YHVH with us.

Knowing who loves us more than we could ever imagine, and walking in this truth will truly set you free. Brothers and Sisters, you are loved with an everlasting love that only the Spirit can comprehend because it truly knows no bounds. YHVH will conquer death, space, and time for you. He will move Heaven and Earth for you. He will do anything for you, because you are His. His is a love that will always be, and nothing will separate us from it. Amien!

I know there is a lot to digest here, and I thank you for going on this small journey with me. I pray that you and your family are being blessed and I hope that you praise YHVH daily. Until next week, all my love!

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